What We Do 


Whether it's a fanfare for an epic production logo like 20th Century Fox or Universal Pictures or a dirty club track for a sportswear commercial, we can sync music to any moving image or media output whether live or animated.  We can work directly with the artist, music coordinator or music supervisor, YouTuber or content creator.  No project is too large or too small.


We are well-versed in digital composition and production but in an industry that's become increasingly reliant on samples and a copy and paste approach we can offer live instrumentation, vocals and performance.  


The voice is a fundamental part of human expression and can bring an organic dimension to any piece of music whether it's spoken, rapped, sung or screamed.  We can provide both male and female vocals in any arrangement from an intimate solo voice to an epic 100-piece choir. 


Any piece of music can become anything you need it to be - the potential is limitless.  The arrangement is responsible for how music can realize or even enhance your vision.  We draw from your creative vision to seamlessly convey the emotions at the core of the story you wish to tell.


Our approach to mixing is very straight-forward - can you hear everything?  The simplest approach is usually the most effective.  We do all of our mixing in-house and while we like to bring our experience to the process, we are open to taking notes on the mix as you hear it.  Some mixes require a modern, clean approach but others need a more vintage, dirty and imperfect sound, like 60s cycle hum or the saturation created by vintage gear.  The choice is yours.


Mastering can make or break a piece of music.  It's an art unto itself and we pride ourselves on mastering with a toolbox approach where every piece of music has its own set of tools.  The perfect master for film, television, commercial, radio or even YouTube is subjective but we combine our experience and expertise with your vision to give your music the final polish.


We deliver your music to a high standard in whatever format you require, be it a two channel stereo mix, 5.1 surround or broken out into stems for individual instrumentation or midi performance.  You let us know how you need it and we make it happen.

Our Clients